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  • No Entry Fee

Fees & Reservations: Rs. 250 to Rs. 300 at Forest Dept checkpost

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Mullayanagiri Chikmagalur Address: Pandaravalli, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, 577130, India

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Monday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
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Sitting in the lap of nature is the beautiful district of Chikmagalur situated in Karnataka. The lofty hills, mountain ranges, religious places, and ever pleasant weather in Chikmagalur invite thousands of tourists all through the year. Mullayanagiri is one such attraction in Chikmagalur that draws the attention of travellers.

Mullayanagiri, being the highest peak in Chikmagalur, is blessed with an unmatched beauty. The view from the summit is even more beautiful and sees hordes of trekkers visit the place to fulfil their adventurous desire every year. The staggering natural beauty also has facilities for road biking and mountain riding.

#Trivia: In olden Kannada literature, "Mullai" means forest.

All about Mullayanagiri Chikmagalur

The visit to Chikmagalur is incomplete without paying a visit to Mullayanagiri hills. The jaw-dropping cliffs stand in the Western Ghats as the highest peak. It is about 20 Km from Chikmagalur and 23 Km from the famous Baba Budangiri. Mullayanagiri stands tall at the height of 1950 meters above sea level.

The calming ambience of the hills makes tourists relish their visit. The lush green fields, rugged rocks, and misty weather add to the place's charm.

The caves at the summit are not deep enough and lead you directly to the temple's garbhagudi. However, this entry has now been closed by the priests residing there.

Adventure enthusiasts enjoy the unmatched natural beauty of the place through road biking, mountain riding, and trekking. The 3 km trekking route starts from Sarpadhari. Although the trail is steep with an inclination of 60 degrees, you can cover it within 1.5 - 2 hours.

You can reach the summit with the help of expert trekking guides who charge you around INR 2000 upwards for a complete tour of the place. You can also book full-day treks that include camping facilities and lunch and dinner.

On the way to the peak, you can enjoy the Nandi statue, a small stream, and a cave with a small water source. Early morning is the best time to soak in the beauty of the gorgeous sunrise and exquisite views of Mullayanagiri and the Western Ghats.

#Trivia: There is no mobile connectivity at the summit due to its height. You can genuinely enjoy being 'one with nature' right here.

The Mullayanagiri hills are cosily snuggled between the Nilgiris and the Himalayas, giving you breath-taking views and a bag full of memories.

History of Mullayanagiri Chikmagalur

The astonishing Mullayanagiri hills got their recent identity from Tapasvi Mullapa Swami. It is believed by preachers that Tapasvi Mullapa meditated for years in the caves near the summit of Mullayanagiri in Chikmagalur.

History marks the absence of asphalt rock and concrete steps. Instead, people used the famous Sarpanadi or Sarpadri trail to reach the summit.

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Things to carry while going to Mullayanagiri Chikmagalur

  • Ensure you carry ample knick-knacks and water bottles while trekking the summit. There are no shops throughout the route. However, if you are lucky, you may come across a few near the Shiv Temple.
  • Please wear comfortable attire and keep yourself light to make it easier to trek and walk long distances.
  • Keep your first aid kit handy in case of any emergency.
  • You may experience a sudden change in weather due to the altitude; hence it is best to keep a light sweater, raincoat, and sunglasses with you at all times.

#TrekTip: Keep yourself hydrated by sipping water and not gulping it at once; it will keep your throat from getting parched. Take the support of a stick in case you think you cannot climb the incline without help.

Location of Mullayanagiri Chikmagalur

Mullayanagiri is located in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka state. It is a part of the Chandra Dhrona hill range of the Western Ghats and is around 35 kms or 1hr 15mins from Chikmagalur via Bababudan Giri road.

Entry fee and timings of Mullayanagiri Chikmagalur

There is no entry fee to Mullayanagiri. Although there are local jeep drivers to take you to your destination; however, fix the charges for a one-way trip or a return trip as the charges may differ. It is best to climb the mountain during the day to avoid any mishap.

Best time to visit Mullayanagiri Chikmagalur

The pleasant weather of Chikmagalur welcomes tourists all through the year. However, September to May is the best time to visit the peak and indulge in trekking.

The summers here can turn out to be exasperating, and the heavy monsoon downpours can blur your view. So, plan the trip during winter with temperatures varying between 15-32 degrees Celsius.

How to reach Mullayanagiri Chikmagalur

Mullayanagiri is one of the top tourist spots of Chikmagalur, Karnataka. It is around an hour and a half from the main city centre and can be reached via your vehicle or through a cab from top car rental companies in Chikmagalur.

Chikmagalur is reasonably connected with the other cities of the country. The nearest airport is around 170kms in Mangalore, and the nearest railway station from Mullayanagiri is in Chikmagalur.

Regular buses and cabs are plying to the Mullayanagiri from Chikmagalur, making it hassle-free for you to reach.

What can be more appealing to an adventurous soul and a wanderlust than a few tranquil moments spent in the lap of nature! Mullayanagiri peak offers this and much more. With a perfect blend of heavenly beauty and adventure, it is one of the most sought after trekking ranges in Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

It is time to set your soul free and refresh your mind amid the clouds of serenity and the mountain ranges of Mullayanagiri hills in Chikmagalur! Book a Chikmagalur tour package with us and get your backpacks ready and recharge your energy battery to serenade your senses on this beautiful holiday destination. At Chikmagalur Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA, we offer these packages at best rates so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest without breaking the bank. Please fill the Contact Us form to know more.

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