One Day Chikmagalur Sightseeing Tour by Cab

Everyone dreams to have a perfect time on their honeymoon after the hustle and bustle of their wedding. After all, it’s the first and most important trip that every newlywed takes together to celebrate the immense love, affection, and union of two people.

The honeymoon has its own charm and magic that no other trip can match. The atmosphere, at this time, around the couple is filled with so much romance and to express it wisely, one obviously needs a place that can perfectly complement their surroundings and help them create some unforgettable memories for a lifetime. How about choosing Chikmagalur as your ideal honeymoon destination in India?

A beautiful hill station widely famous for its abundant lush greenery, majestic mountains, serene setting, and tranquil environment, Chikmagalur has the power to hypnotize honeymooners with its picturesque natural beauty, jaw-dropping views, and unseen wonders.

The excellent combination of verdant valleys, cascading waterfalls, and picture-perfect backdrop promises to offer a delightful experience to every newlywed couple and the pleasant environment encourages tourists to visit this place at any time of the year. It’s a paradise for nature admirers to have an intimate conversation with nature itself and can also be seen by wanderers, experience seekers, and adventure enthusiasts.

Often referred to as the Coffee Land of Karnataka, this small hamlet has numerous eye-catching coffee plantations that not only entice tourists to take a walk through these plantations but also grab enough knowledge about freshly brewed coffee beans. Right from the origin to the entire process of drying, roasting, grinding, and brewing, these coffee estates showcase the complete history of coffee in detail.

Here you can also enjoy homestays within the estates if you wish to wake up in the morning with the perpetual aroma of coffee in the air. Don’t forget to bring some coffee back home for your loved ones to cherish for a long time.

Perched at an altitude of 3400 feet above sea level, Chikmagalur is blessed with some of the highest peaks that draw the attention of adventure enthusiasts, especially trekkers from all over the world. These are named the Mullayanagiri and the Baba Budangiri range. Both are located within a distance of 10 km from each other and are known for offering astonishing views of the valleys, sunrise, sunset, and lush greenery you just can’t get enough of. You can also pay a visit to Kemmanagundi to get one step closer to Mother Nature and feel refreshed soulfully.

A short distance away is the Kudremukh National Park which you cannot miss exploring on your Chikmagalur tour if you have an interest in the wildlife sanctuary. It’s one of the well-preserved national parks in Karnataka that provides shelter to a diverse range of fauna and flora that is a treat to watch.

Then there is Hebbe Falls, where you can witness the natural phenomena of water falling in a magnificent form from a height of 551 feet. Jhari Waterfalls, also known as Buttermilk Falls, is another waterfall that receives a huge influx of visitors every year and Kalhatti Falls has plush natural beauty along with revitalizing elements of nature to soothe your senses as well as your inner soul.

Take some time out for Hirekolale Lake or Ayyanakere Lake in Chikmagalur to relax and unwind in a laid-back atmosphere. On the way, you’ll also come across Z Point and Kavikal Gandi Viewpoint which allow people to dwell in a warm and welcoming ambiance of the location and soak in the vibes.

For your convenience, there are also several fine-dining restaurants that present an exclusive gastronomy experience to their visitors with mouthwatering local dishes such as Akki Roti and Bisibele Bhaat. You can order any dish of your choice as the eateries in Chikmagalur cater to all taste buds and serve delicacies with utmost love, attention, and care.

Please note that this hill station doesn’t have its own airport or railway station. So, if you’re planning to travel via airways, you’ll need to board a flight that takes you directly to either Mangalore International Airport or Bangalore International Airport. From there at any of the airports, you can book a private taxi from the list of top car rental companies in Chikmagalur to enjoy a hassle-free commutation at pocket-friendly prices.

If a railway journey fascinates you, you can catch a train from anywhere in India to Kadur Railway Station to reach Chikmagalur in your utmost comfort. It is considered as the closest railway station to Chikmagalur and is only a 45-minute drive away.

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