One Day Chikmagalur Sightseeing Tour by Cab

Chikmagalur, well known as the "Coffee Land of Karnataka," is one of the most attractive hill stations in Karnataka. It is located in the foothills of the Mullayanagiri Range. With its many coffee farms, Chikmagalur has a constant aroma of coffee in the air.

The pristine hill town of Chikmagalur is famous for its steep mountains, beautiful green woods, and calm surroundings (apart from coffee production). It is a popular tourist destination and an escape from citylife for the residents of Karnataka.

Chikmagalur is a prominent trekking destination with several great hiking paths, including the Mullayanagiri, Kemmanagundi, and Baba Budangiri treks. Mullayangiri is the tallest peak in Karnataka and the ideal site to see the sun rise from behind the mountains.

Getting away from the daily hustle and bustle of city life is very important. Chikmagalur allows you to spend some time in the lap of nature and improve your mental as well as physical health. The plethora of activities in Chikmagalur makes you more active.

Why do people from Bangalore love Chikmagalur for vacation?

Bangalore is one of the largest cities in India and also one of the most populated cities in the country. It is known for its congested and crowded roads. Now, all this could be considered as an indicator for the city to be a good place to live in but it can drain any person having to face the traffic regularly.

Chikmagalur is a place that offers a rejuvenating atmosphere and has a moderate population. It is not a highly urban area and you will very much experience nature directly when you visit Chikmagalur.

Packages Overview

Planning a trip to Chikmagalur gives you a break from thriving amidst the concrete jungle of Bangalore. Our Bangalore to Chikmagalur tour packages include everything from a comfortable stay amidst nature to enthralling activities.

The activities featured in our Bangalore to Chikmagalur tour packages are specially handpicked to keep you engaged throughout the trip. Enjoy bonfire and camping amidst the hills with tour packages from Holidays DNA. You also get a complimentary welcome drink and a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne/ wine, to enliven your stay.

You can also ask for customization of our Bangalore to Chikmagalur tour packages as per your choice. Depending upon your interest you can pick adventure activities and water sports like camping, trekking, kayaking, water ziplining, and mud volleyball.

Why Book with us?

Travelers from Bangalore can easily book their stay at Chikmagalur with Holidays DNA. We offer a wide variety of resorts in Chikmagalur including the most lavish resorts to budget-friendly hotels while ensuring you have a safe and comfortable stay.

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Resort & Hotel options with our Chikmagalur Tour Packages from Bangalore

There are many 3-star and 5-star hotels and resorts available in Chikmagalur. As the town is visited by a huge number of tourists there are hotels to suit every need and budget. You can choose to stay in hotels and resorts that are nearby a lake or on top of a hill, to enjoy the stunning sights.

You can also decide on the basis of the facilities provided in the hotels like gym, spa, babysitting, swimming, etc. Trivik Hotels & Resorts, Guddadamane Homestay, and The Serai Chikmagalur are some of the best options.

Popular Sightseeing Places in Chikmagalur

1. Kudremukh National Park
Kudremukh National Park, Chikmagalur

Kudremukh National Park, located in the highlands, is well-known for its picturesque splendor. The 600-kilometer square region was designated a national park in 1987 and is one of the state's best-protected national parks. The Kudremukh National Park is a natural treasure, with high rising peaks studded with a profusion of flora and animals to attractive hiking paths overlooking green plains.

2. Hirekolale Lake
Hirekolale Lake, Chikmagalur

A drive to Hirekolale Lake is worthwhile for witnessing a great picture postcard scenario, as it is situated between large mountain ranges clothed in green with the lake in the background. The lake's attractiveness is enhanced when visited after sunset because the saffron color of the sunrays is reflected onto the lake, making the location look mystical.

3. Coffee Museum

The Coffee Museum, located in Chikmagalur, is a one-of-a-kind showcase of the coffee industry, from cultivation to brewing. This museum was designed to recreate an exhibition of the history of coffee and the operations used to make the bean, such as picking, grinding, and drying. One of the greatest coffee descriptions in the world can be found at the museum.

4. Mullayanagiri
Mullayanagiri, Chikmagalur

Mullayanagiri mountain, at 1930 m above sea level, is located in the Baba Budan Giri Range of the Western Ghats and is about 45 minutes from Chikmagalur. It is the tallest point between the Nilgiris and the Himalayas, providing travelers with a serene retreat with temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. This summit is known for its tranquil atmosphere and natural beauty.

Activities & Things to do in Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur has a varied assortment of activities to do, making it an excellent pick for your next vacation. Chikmagalur offers a multitude of exhilarating things to offer, including a number of famous nature paths for trekking lovers and spectacular river rafting experiences. If you like light-hearted activities and sightseeing experiences, Chikmagalur is the ideal location, with a multitude of natural and man-made beauties.

Participate in thrilling treks such as the Mullayanagiri Trek, Kudremukh Trek, and Kemmangundi Trek and witness the beauty of the region from some of Karnataka's highest peaks. Spend precious time and picnic with your loved ones at the breathtaking Kalhatti Falls, Kadambi Falls, and Hebbe Falls. You can also seek God's blessings and soak in spirituality at Sharadamba Temple and Hoysaleswara Temple.

You can also try the local cuisine of Chikmagalur. The richness and spiciness of the native cuisine, known as Malnad cuisine, are well-known.

Many of the coffee farms in Chikmagalur not only offer field trips to the plantations but moreover provide home stays within the plantations, allowing you to start and conclude your day with the aroma of coffee in the air.

Along with buying fresh coffee from the source itself, local handicrafts made of coffee wood, aromatic sandalwood, berries, pepper, and ambrosial fragrances can be purchased.

How to reach Chikmagalur from Bangalore

From National Highway 75, the distance between Bangalore and Chikmagalur is only about 245 kilometers. It is also the quickest route, taking roughly 4 hours to reach depending on traffic. You can book a car rental from Bangalore or drive down from Bangalore in your own car to visit Chikmagalur.

Rail communication is much better between Bangalore and Kadur than in Chikmagalur, which is roughly 40 kilometers from Chikmagalur.

Chikmagalur, being a tiny town, currently lacks an airport. The nearest airport is at Mangalore, around 120 kilometers from Chikmagalur and a three-hour journey away.

Chikmagalur is an excellent weekend escape from Bangalore and perfect for a holiday with your loved ones. It is also a popular location among couples looking to relax away from the everyday hustle. The weather is generally pleasant, and the climatic conditions range from moderate to cool, making it a perfect year-round destination. Booking a trip to Chikmagalur with us will allow you to enjoy your trip stress-free. Our Bangalore to Chikmagalur tour packages include all things you would need to make your trip exciting; however you can also customize the packages as per your needs.